We are delighted that so many supporters chose to buy a Virtual Ticket to show their support for Stan, even though they could not attend the game. Once we have confirmed each donation, we are sending virtual ticket holders a pdf of the match day programme and providing on-line access to the corporate events that surround the game as soon as possible after the game and probably on Monday 31st July. The match is over, but you can still obtain your match day programme pdf by following the instructions below.

How to Buy Your Virtual Ticket

  • Click on this link to the GoFundMe website set up by the Bowles Family,, and donate the cost of your ticket (£12). When making your donation, you must include your name (do not use "anonymous") and write "Virtual Ticket" in the Comments Field.
  • After making your donation, please send
    tick your name
    tick e-mail address, and
    tick the date your donation was made
    to us at You can use this link.

Thank you for supporting Stan and for going the extra mile for him. The Bowles family fully appreciate your efforts.

Why not purchase an exclusive Stand Up For Stan T-shirt too?


The Stan Bowles Benefit Committee


Official Merchandise

We are producing exclusive and official merchandising for the match and ask fans to be careful in respect of what they might currently buy which might not see funds going to Stan’s cause.

500 IS THE

Sales of our exclusive JustForStan T-Shirts flew off the rails on Saturday and the shop only has 30 left (as at Saturday night). We thank you for your support on this and this has contributed greatly to Stan’s fund. If you missed out, don’t worry all might not be lost. We can order more but there is a minimum production run of 500 so we must get at least that number of orders before we can go to production again. We are sure that we can get to this number, so if you are interested please advance order here. Priced at £18.00, all profit after cost goes to Stan. Please state your size requirement (S, M, L, XL, XXL). We will update you regularly as to how these orders are progressing so let’s get another target broken for Stan.


Email Colin at